Bariatric Support

I have been blessed with fantastic support all along this weight loss surgery journey. It began with my primary care physician’s office recommending I consider surgery for my long-time battle with obesity. I was honestly shocked! I had no idea that was even a consideration for me. I thought that was for people who were bedridden-obese!

I began researching weight loss surgery online, and I found the good as well as the bad stories, the scary statistics, and the different types. It took a few months to digest it all, but the primary consideration was the exasperation I felt with my continued failure at losing the excess pounds, and the increased health problems I was experiencing. I decided that despite the possible problems it would be worthwhile for me.

My doctor’s office gave me their recommendation for a surgeon, and I also compared them myself. I attended two different ‘orientations’, and knew without a doubt the physician and program that would work best for me. The support before, during and after has been amazing, so the one single top piece of advice I can give is to get the very best, most experienced surgeon you can find.

I will write more about how well prepared I was and continue to be due to my choice of provider in a later post, but right now I want to tell you about my everyday support, and how much that has benefitted me!

While there are monthly meetings available for support through my doctor’s office, my everyday go-to has been through the Facebook group “Bariatric Living and Recipes“, owned by Mary Meyer. I joined several of these support groups when I first began researching weight loss surgery, but this one continues to stand out as far as quality information, and relevant posts. It has helped me tremendously. There you will find recipes, shared stories among the group members, before and after pictures, weight loss successes, and much more. I’ve shared my questions, problems and triumphs with this group, and it’s been a great experience. Maybe I’ll see you there!


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